"Entrepreneurs on eScooters" - Allison Nikula from CareApp

Updated: May 23

Our "Pilot" episode for "Entrepreneurs on eScooters" is the wild, featuring Allison Nikula, founder of CareApp.

This interview was recorded in January 2020 (pre-Covid19). As a pilot episode, it's not perfect - a few issues with some of the audio/camera shots, etc, but overall, it is a great overview of what we will producing in future episodes (& we will engage a professional video production company to help, as well as make the episodes a little shorter too).

A very, very different way of telling a great story. You REALLY need to watch this episode www.entrepreneursonescooters.com

Allison was inspired to create CareApp through her own personal experience seeing her grandparents access aged care services. CareApp is a powerful communication and engagement platform for aged care providers. It brings providers, residents, carers and families together to build a wonderful care community and support seniors to love the way they live.

And it's no small task - ageing population is on the rise with the percentage of Australians aged 65 and over rising dramatically over the past decades*:

1927 - 5% of the total population aged 65 and over

1977 - 9% of the total population aged 65 and over

2017 - 15% of the total population aged 6