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We've all been there.


Overwhelmed by the number of things we have to do & not enough time to do them.  

So we cut back on sleep, family time, on the quality of what we're doing, or we put opportunities on hold because we just can't fit any more in.   


We rush, we stress.  This is no way to live. It's time to take back control of your time.

In our Death by Doing Workshops we cover:


  • How we got to where we are today

  • Karoshi.  Death by overwork

  • Your "Value"

  • Why "it's just easier to do it myself"

  • The power of distraction & how to remove them

  • Time blocking

  • Our Time Thieves

  • The 3 R's "Remove, Reduce, Redirect"

  • Using productivity tools for greatness.  Email, Task Lists, Calendar, Messaging

  • How & why to work with an Executive Assistant (physical or virtual).  Best practices.

  • Practices to move you from being a "doer" to an effective "leader"


CONTACT US and we'll put you on our waitlist for the next workshop or discuss running one for your firm.

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