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Keynote Speaker / MC

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Looking for a Keynote Speaker or MC for your next event, function or conference?

Ben is an experienced & engaging speaker on many topics, including:

  • Culture

  • Change

  • Technology

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Sales


Brain Sketch

Your Left Brain is redundant

We know our left hemisphere brain is responsible for performing tasks that have to do with logic, whereas our right hemisphere brains are responsible for our creative endeavors.


Ben challenges us that left-hemisphere brain will soon be redundant and you better start developing your “creative right”.

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Meeting MANIA

A Harvard study revealed CEO's spend 72% of their work time in meetings - it’s no wonder Executives are busier than ever, while feeling less productive.


Ben will outline:

  • The common Leadership & Organisational mistakes that Executives make that cultivate “Meeting Mania”

  • The “Why” behind this disturbing trend and what to look out for in your business

  • “What” you can do to reverse this trend, take back control of your work day & help your business prosper

Sales is not 4 letter word.png

SALES is not a

Four Letter Word

When we talk “Sales”, many people have a not-so-favorable opinion of what “selling” actually is.  However, there is no avoiding the fact that if you’re in business, then you’re in sales.


Ben outlines :

  • The 9 mistakes most organisations make (from Startups to Established businesses) in developing the sales part of their organisation

  • What you can do to avoid them

  • How to evaluate the right sales model for your business

Pro Headphones

Listen, Learn, Lead

All too often leaders are listening to their people, but only to respond. 


Ben will guide leaders on how to Listen to Learn, and by doing so, become much more effective leaders.

Man in Library

Ego is the Enemy within

Don’t think you have an EGO?  Or  you think it’s in check & doesn’t cause you any issues?


You’re WRONG!


Come and hear how we all have an Ego  & it could be holding you back from being the great leader you can be.


The Cost of Change

Every new leader wants to stamp their “style” upon an organisation when they start in a new role.


Many, many organisations today are change fatigued.  Too much change, too often….without ever considering the cost.


How do you determine if your proposed new change is actually worth the lost productivity, impact on staff / customers and the impact on profitability?

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