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Daniels Langeberg from “EcoCaddy”

If you’ve run a small business, or are running a small business, the story my next guest has to tell is probably all too familiar to you.

I interview Daniels Langeberg, the CEO and founder of the Adelaide based personal transportation business EcoCaddy

Daniels shares a lot of his success and a lot of the challenges he has faced in building his business. In this episode you are going to hear about:

1. The importance of having a MENTOR, early on and during your business journey

2. How constantly testing the market helps you ITERATE your idea as you bring it to life

3. Why launching your business with a minimal viable product (MVP) helps you gain momentum early

4. Why not to have all your EGGS in one basket

5. Why it’s important to get your agreements in WRITING

6. Having a great product is not enough, you have to get out there and SELL IT !

There are a LOT of gems in here for you. Enjoy.

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