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Dr Alex Grant from "Myriota"

My guest on this episode Dr Alex Grant, CEO of Myriota. Myriota are an Adelaide-based tech startup developing technology for the Space/IoT industry and have recently attracted US$15M in Series-A Venture Capital !

In this episode Dr Alex and I cover:

1. Why Myriota's technology & IoT is going to CHANGE THE WORLD

2. The most VALUABLE intellectual property you have in your company is your PEOPLE

3. How Government funding into RESEARCH can help deliver great innovation

4. Why it’s important for Universities & the Commercial Sectors to WORK TOGETHER in early stages of the innovation-cycle

5. Just because you're an expert in one part of your business doesn't make you an EXPERT IN EVERYTHING

It's such an exciting time in Adelaide & South Australia and examples like Myriota show us that we have a great future in the technology sector.


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