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Russell Ivanovic from "Pocket Casts"

This episode is about the rise and rise of (in my opinion) the best podcast app available - and it was built right here in Adelaide! It's a story of how a couple of Adelaide guys who quit their day jobs, developed a killer-app and ended up winning a Google design award against billion-dollar competition.

We cover lot of topics through their journey. Some of my favourites include:

1. Just because you're RISK ADVERSE doesn't mean you can't be a successful Entrepreneur.

2. Why an advertising campaign without STRATEGY is a waste of time and money.

3. When to move your business from "side-hack while working full time" to "make the leap to BACK YOURSELF and your business idea".

4. The challenges (& late nights) of negotiating a contract with an OVERSEAS BUYER.

You can find Pocket Casts on Twitter @pocketcasts. If you're not listening to this podcast using Pocket Casts, download it today on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



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