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Noelle Smit from "Teamgage"

A wonderful interview with Noelle Smit, Co-Founder of software company Teamgage. Teamgage are a software company who are helping companies & their staff drive positive culture and staff engagement.

Some of you may be thinking that culture is that fluffy stuff the HR department talk about….but I challenge you to listen to this episode and not do something about it in your business afterwards.

Noelle shares some great insights into building a company, including:

1. The enormous negative impacts a BAD CULTURE has on employee wellbeing,

2. Understanding YOUR WHY will drive you through challenges to success,

3. FAILURE isn’t the end, it’s just a blip in the road,

4. Why it’s important to start your business with a PROBLEM, not a PRODUCT,

5. A great product is important, but knowing HOW TO SELL is critical

What continually fascinates me about founders of great companies is that they don’t do it for the money. Almost every founder I meet or work with, there’s an underlying reason why they’re on their journey that doesn’t relate to earning money. It’s either about solving a problem they’ve experienced in their own life, providing a product/service that taps into a greater social good or just good ol’ plain helping people.


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