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Jenny Paradiso from "Suntrix"

Many of you listening to this podcast probably have Solar Panels on your roofs – well, here’s the story of a company who was at the very beginning of the Solar industry, and who has ridden the roller-coaster of this industry over the past 10 years.

Jenny, co-founder & CEO of Suntrix, is very candid about the building of her business. Some of the key takeaways from our interview includes:

1. Making sure you understand the potential impacts of GOVERNMENT POLICY on your industry 2. The impacts on your business when you have EXCESSIVE GROWTH (from $250k in Year 1 to $7.3M in Year 2) 3. Founders can’t be the only ones driving Culture, you need to HIRE CULTURAL CHAMPIONS 4. DON'T IGNORE other people (either your network or a coach) who can provide you advice and support during your journey

It’s also interesting that there is a bit of a theme developing over the past few podcasts about making sure you have the right sales structure and people, otherwise you can’t be successful.

A couple of Business Networks you can checkout include E.O. ( and ChooksSA (


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