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Jodi Walton from "Harrison McMillan"

Many of you leaders will have engaged recruitment firms in the past to find staff for you – and you probably wouldn’t think there’s too much innovation that can happen in the recruitment industry. Well, co-founder of Harrison McMillan, Jodi Walton, tells how technology, transparency and billing models have contributed to their significant success.

Some things we learn from Jodi’s story:

1. You can create your own niche in a traditional industry by CHANGING the business model

2. Customers love TRANSPARENCY if you do it right

3. Why having the COURAGE to turn down work is OK

4. The concept of a DIGITAL DETOX to support flexible working policies.

5. Why the relationship between FOUNDERS is so important

I’m not sure about you, but I love hearing stories where people take an existing industry, and decide they’re going to respond to customers by competing completely different to the existing market.

I’ve got some pretty amazing guests coming up in our future episodes, including a young couple who have, in just a few short years, built a business that has seen their estimated net wealth rise to over $450m! Stay tuned!


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