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Lloyd Damp from "Southern Launch"

Following the recent Aust Space Agency announcement, I interview Lloyd Damp, CEO of Southern Launch, who is fulfilling a childhood dream involving rockets by building a Rocket Launch facility in South Australia.

It’s a pretty fascinating story, and we learn through this interview that that:

1. Sitting around having a DRINK WITH MATES can *launch* some great business ideas (see what I did there?)

2. Maybe it’s time to look back into your CITY’S HISTORY and see what it used to do 40 years ago that can be re-invented and done again today. 3. The importance of the role of GOVERNMENT in providing foundation support for industries like Space. 4. The challenges faced when you’re doing something completely NEW. 5. Finding your NICHE is important in every industry

It’s a testament to when you have a great idea that you need to be bold and bring it to life.



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