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Tobi Pearce from "Sweat"

The numbers are astonishing – 30 million customers, combined wealth of $486m, built in just over 4 years. Phenomenal results. My guest, Tobi, has with his fiancé Kayla, built a global powerhouse business called SWEAT in what you may consider the Fitness industry, but really, it’s a story not dissimilar to Netflix – it’s about innovation, technology, business models and discipline.

Tobi shares with us:

1. What to do when you receive 25,000 email complaints within 24 hours of your App release (& how to end up as No.1 in AppStore only 2 weeks later

2. How Money is a motivator of diminishing returns

3. You can’t re-invest time & how important it is to invest in yourself

4. Being a Founder is about discipline, not sacrifice

While it might be easy to look at SWEAT & their success & think they’re so big that their story doesn’t relate to you, well, I think there’s a number of great gems in there that relate to everyone who’s running (or starting) a business, regardless of its size / market. The building blocks of a successful business are pretty universal.

BTW, we have a totally new website – it has lots of goodness in there, all the podcast episodes plus our Blog, along with a recommended book reading list for leaders (hey, what did Harry Truman say? Not all readers are leaders, but all Leaders are readers), plus info about my business coaching, mentoring & advisory practice.


Contact details for Tobi Pearce & SWEAT

Facebook: @Sweat

Instagram: @Sweat @Tobi_pearce

Linkedin: @ Tobi Pearce

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