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Mark Fusco from "Advanced Focus"

In this episode, we talk about how manufacturing is DEAD in Australia……or IS IT? I interview the Managing Director of Advanced Focus, Mark Fusco, who tells us that:

1. Manufacturing isn’t really DEAD, it’s just CHANGING, from competing on price to competing on VALUE & DESIGN (isn’t this the same for many industries?)

2. Starting EDUCATION early enough in new technology is critical – especially if you want First Mover Advantage

3. We should stop saying NO to new ideas and instead start asking WELL, WHY NOT?

4. It’s time to stop eliminating all RISK….if we don’t, we will eliminate our FUTURE

The interview certainly throws a different light on the opportunities in cities like Adelaide where there has been a traditionally strong, big-end of town manufacturing industry.

I’ll be watching this sector pretty closely over the coming months…there’s lots of exciting things happening (just Google Brabham BT62 Supercar , which is being built in Adelaide)


Contact details for Mark & Advanced Focus

Twitter: @mfusco4


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