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Brendon & Connor O'Rourke from "Nuago"

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Brendon and Connor, co-founders of Nuago, describe themselves as a “born in cloud” company providing IT services to their customers. They’re obviously doing something right, ranking No.7 in the Australian CRN Fast 50 award.

Lots of gold in here if you’re building a business. We discuss:

1. Different isn’t always Better, but BETTER IS ALWAYS different

2. If you want to be a good IT provider, stop talking about WIDGETS and start getting into your customers’ WHY

3. The difference between working for someone and putting your HOUSE, LIVELIHOOD and FAMILY FUTURE on the line to start your own company

4. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT might not be talked about much anymore, but it’s important to your customers.

5. How do you keep your FINGER ON THE PULSE when your business is growing?

You can just tell from the conversation and the passion in their voices how much providing a great experience for the customers and their employees mean to them.

I think it’s easy for leaders to focus on other things from time-to-time, and even focusing too much on what you as a leader need….but I guarantee that if you look after your team and your customers, it will return dividends.

We reference a couple of authors in our conversation, some of whose books are available on my website.




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