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Milorad from "Energy Exemplar"

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

An interesting, “under-the-radar” type of story in this episode. I first met Milorad Zecevic when I presented at the CEO Institute a few months ago. We got talking about Energy Exemplar (where he’s the VP of Sales and a shareholder) about their extraordinary success and growth.

They’ve been in business 20 years and they’ve enjoyed consistent year on year growth of around 30%.

What do they do? They’re a software company, providing the global leading Economic Modeling and Market Simulation Software for the Energy Industry, based out of Adelaide.

It’s a classic living room / University project start-up by the founder Glenn Drayton. They now have offices all over the world including London, 4 offices in USA, 1 in Singapore, staff in Dubai.

We also talk about the need to look after yourself if you’re going to be involved in running a global business – Milorad had been to 20 countries and visited 41 cities in the 9 months up to when we recorded.

It’s an interesting company, with an interesting product – in an industry we rarely think about. But when you power up your phone to listen to this podcast, sitting behind that power is a WORLD of complexity which the average person has no idea about.

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