Jim Whalley from "Office of the Chief Entrepreneur"

Updated: Mar 10

In this episode I interview Jim Whalley, who has been appointed as the Chief Entrepreneur for South Australia. Now, while it might seem strange to interview a Govt employee for a show that’s all about Founders, Entrepreneurs and Great Business people, Jim just doesn’t fit the mould of what many might consider a typical Govt Employee

1. He isn’t PAID! It’s a volunteer position

2. He has a track record in building a successful business

3. If you look at his photos on my website, and his background, you might see him as a bit of a cross between Tom Cruise and Richard Branson

4. He’s no slow moving bureaucrat. He’s a make it happen guy.

Beyond this, we discuss some important & interesting topics like:

1. Executing & planning a business is not dissimilar to a FIGHTER JET MISSION ….you have to observe–orient–decide–act

2. That EXPERIMENTATION is a much better word to use than FAILURE

3. The first ever Visa Scheme designed to attract Entrepreneurs to Australia