Michelle Perugini from "Life Whisperer / Presagen"

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I LOVE the intersection of technology and healthcare – the potential impacts on a person’s life if you do it right are amazing.

And that’s where my next guest comes in. Michelle Perugini, Co-Founder of Presagen and Life Whisperer, shares her story of creating a platform that helps people with one of the most challenging and emotional medical procedures – IVF.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) is used to overcome a range of fertility issues that many couples experience. Basically, eggs are taken from the woman and fertilised outside of the womb in a specialised laboratory. The fertilised eggs (now embryos) are allowed to grow, usually for 5 days, before being analysed by an embryologist – at which point, based on their experience and what they see in a microscope, they choose the best embryo to be transferred into the woman's uterus to increase the chance that a pregnancy will occur.

Life Whisperer provides significant help in this process. Michelle and her team have developed an AI (artificial intelligence) engine that has analysed thousands and thousands of embryos from around the world (& their success rates of pregnancy), and use this analysis to improve the selection success rate for embryologists.

It’s amazing stuff.

From a business & product viewpoint, they have had to deal with some interesting challenges along the way (including regulatory approval, despite it not being an invasive medical procedure). It’s rare in most businesses & product development cycles that you have to convince 3 different customer groups before you can successfully sell your product. In this case, Life Whisperer need to convince the medical regulatory authorities, the end consumer (the woman/couple who are going through IVF) and the fertility clinic. Any one of those that don’t believe in what you are doing, and no sale.

There are heaps of other great things you can learn in this episode, so buckle up for a great conversation.