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Toby Strong from "Urban Brew"

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Before I contacted my next guest, Toby Strong, to request an interview, I was (and still am) a heavy user of his Urban Brew coffee pod products. I love the product, their subscription-based service and their unique value-adds (and no, this isn’t a paid product endorsement).

Toby runs a business where he is both a manufacturer of his own product, as well as a manufacturer for others, a wholesaler and an online retailer.

We uncover a lot in our conversation, including:

1. Are you BRAVE enough to have an open book policy with your staff on your profit & loss?

2. Diversification can be very important in minimising your market forces risk…but how diverse is TOO DIVERSE?

3. Is OWNERSHIP of “things” from a bygone era, and will we move to SUBSCRIPTION for most things in the future?

4. For busy executives, listening to AUDIOBOOKS can be an invaluable way to turn non-productive time into positive returns.

5. A simple “WALK & TALK” with a staff member can create a great connection with you, the CEO.

We started talking about the challenges of running a business, and particularly the roller-coaster of highs & lows (both financial and emotional) …we also cover some of Toby’s “life hacks”. The episode starts after we were talking about his introduction of environmentally friendly biodegradable coffee pods into his product range.

Until next episode….keep INNOVATING, OVERCOMING and PROSPERING

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